Residential Co-Buyers, Are You Ready to Play My Trivia Game?

ppREp™ Before You Buy™

The objective to my ppREp™ Before You Buy™ 30-questions trivia game will be for you to answer 'YES'  to all of the questions or be able to determine if a question Do Not Apply to your future dream home purchase Before you submit a written offer to a North Carolinian Residential Seller. 

1. My ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia games will only be hosted, by the Game Host, if there are a minimum of two (2) Buyer Teams (that are not part of the same real estate purchase transaction) registered to play the game during the same scheduled date and time.

2. A Buyer Team will consist of at least a minimum of two (2) Co-Buyers or all Co-Buyers, in the same real estate purchase transaction, that will be referenced as the 'Buyer' in Paragraph 1(b): Terms and Definitions of North Carolina's Offer to Purchase and Contract (See 'SAMPLE' North Carolina Standard Form 2-T) and acquiring real estate in the cities/towns in or adjacent to the following Counties located in North Carolina: Alamance, Bladen, Caswell, Chatham, Cumberland, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Halifax, Harnett, Hoke, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Nash, Orange, Person, Robeson, Sampson, Vance, Wake, and Warren.

3.  Co-Buyers will be permitted to create a 'unique' name that represents their Buyer Team. All Co-Buyers are prohibited from creating names that contains written or graphic material that threatens, intimidates, denigrates, discriminates or portrays hostility or aversion toward an individual or group because of his or her race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.

4. The Game Host will start my ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia game by asking each Buyer Team to provide their answers to each of the 2-part ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia questions numbered 1 - 30

5. For each ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia question that is answered correctly by the Co-Buyers, the responding Buyer Team will earn scoring cumulative points.

6. To score cumulative points, each Co-Buyer from their respective Buyer Team must provide 'identical' or 'similar-meaning' or within the same range answers to each of the 2-part ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia questions.  Each Co-Buyer will be required to provide either a 'Yes' or 'No' or 'N/A' to Part 1 of the ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia question.  For Part 2 of the ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia question, if a Co-Buyer responded with a 'Yes' to any of the questions, then each Co-Buyer will be required to provide a more descriptive 'identical' or 'similar-meaning' or within the same range answer; when requested by the Game Host.  Part 1 Question and Answer Example: "Will you require a portion of your dream home's purchase price to be financed by a mortgage lender?" Part 2 Question and Answer Example:  "If you answered 'Yes' to this question, then please display the loan amount you think will be approved by your mortgage lender?"

7. Each Co-Buyer will be required to reveal their 2-part answers to the Game Host, at the same time, on their individual chalkboard or dry erase board (Note: You will be using this same chalkboard or dry erase board to display each of your 2-part answers).

8. The Buyer Team that scores the highest cumulative points - wins a household prize selected by the Game Host! Winning Prize will be delivered to the Winning Buyer Team (only one (1) prize per Buyer Team) within seven (7) business days.

9. For participating in my game, each Buyer Team will receive (1) ppREp™ Before You Buy™ custom 'poker-size' deck of cards as a "FREE" THANK-YOU GIFT. Each of the cards represents one of the ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia game 30-questions.


If you are planning to purchase your dream home within the next three (3) months and would like to participate in one of my 'virtual' family-friendly ppREp™ Before You Buy™ trivia games, then you are invited to contact Alethea F. Nobles, Game Host directly by sending an email request to to register today! (North Carolinian Co-Buyers, you will be giving the opportunity to meet at a public location to provide proof of identity prior to acceptance of your participant registration request. For Co-Buyers relocating to North Carolina, the Game Host will determine if an alternative arrangement for identity validation is available prior to acceptance of your participant registration request. Proof of Identity is required before deliverance of both the winning prize and 'free thank-you gift'!